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MV. Voyager is a BKI classed, Indonesian flagged, multi purpose charter vessel.  Specifically designed as a multi-role survey/ROV vessel, MV. Voyager is permanently mobilized and can be rapidly deployed to locations within South East Asia.  

MV. Voyager's key activities:

  • Geotechnical
  • ROV inspection with four point mooring
  • Hazard/debris surveys
  • Mineral surveys
  • Drop core surveys
  • Cable route surveys
  • Swathe bathymetry (100m)
  • Shipwreck and air accident searches
  • Environmental surveys
  • Scouting vessel
  • Filming
  • Research vessel
  • Fish surveys
  • Base vessel for AUV and submersibles
  • Dive charter vessel
  • High standard accommodation vessel
  • Tsunami/natural disaster relief vessel (fresh water, supplies, transport)
  • Digital Seismic Surveys

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