About Us

PT. Laut Salito, Indonesia operates the multi purpose charter vessel, MV. Voyager.  

The vessel is fitted with various survey poles, a designated 100 KW generator for survey equipment, a tow fish winch, a welding room and facilities, a 5 ton A FRAME, and one 3 ton & one 1.5 ton hydraulic crane.  The vessel has 4 anchor winches to facilitate 4 point mooring & ROV work.  

The vessel has two air compressors(1 L & W 450E, 1 L & W 100E portable), 20 aluminium 12 lt diving tanks and 3 quality tender boats suitable for shore surveys or recreational/commercial diving.

MV. Voyager has 70m2 of sheltered deck space and 60 m2 of open deck space.  The vessel has a multi role capacity and is employed on a variety of tasks for the oil & gas industry, the cable sector, environmental agencies, film crews and government agencies for high-resolution data acquisition.  

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or email lautsalito@gmail.com

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